Caravans, 1992 units












Traverse operation and evening maintenance works on the convoy involve 15 to 16 hours of work each day. Convoy personnel need comfortable and ergonomic accommodation. Three units have been assigned to meet these needs, comprising:


  • The “Living” module protected from the exterior by an airlock, which is divided into two sleeping cabins and one surgery/radio room, one kitchen/dining room and one cold store
  • The “Energy” module, also protected by an airlock, houses the generator set, water treatment and water production (snow melter) and distribution systems, the workshop, shower room, toilets, fresh water outlet and heated store for medical supplies. The generator set rated at 65 kW powers the two modules, the food store and the vehicle engines’ heaters during stops to keep machines warm. A fuel pumping unit is located on the outside of the module and is used for refuelling the tractors. The toilets use an electric incinerator for solid waste and a tank to store urine.
  • The “Stores” module, which is divided into two rooms, one for provisions and one for spare parts.



Caravans, 1992 units


Caravans, 2010 units









All modules are made of sandwich panels reinforced by metal armatures embedded in their structure. Panel thickness is around 100mm.



Caravan, 2010 life unit / Inside


Caravan, 2010 life unit / Inside